Rails, Rake, and Databases

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What happens when using rake database commands in Rails and when should you use them? Let’s take a look at how we can use these commands while developing an application.

Learning About XSS Attacks in Rails

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The emphasis is, make sure any user input is html escaped or sanitized before sending it to a browser.

If it isn’t, you risk exposing your users to malicious code delivered by your application. Potentially, the code could expose user session keys, cookies, or execute other types of attacks.

Scrappy Academy

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Last fall, David Bock hosted a Rails for Newbies group which excelled my learning. Inspired by the pace of learning with others, mentorship, and Hungry Academy - Scrappy Academy was born (thanks @tourdedave for the name!). It is a community of people learning Ruby and Rails.

Zipping It

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I have said a lot about what I am going to do on my blog and if you haven’t noticed yet, I am not doing those things. Sure I have been busy doing many other things, but what about these things. Then I read this by Derek Sivers. Take a minute to read it.

If your still here, in light of this, no more announcing plans. Besides, I have always enjoyed writing and reading about what has been done.

A Making Diet

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I am going on a making diet. I started using twitter and blogs heavily about three years ago. In that time, I have learned an incredible amount by watching, listening, and reading. I have benefited greatly from all of the people I have met and the materials people have created. However, I find myself with too little time to get things done and still spending a lot of time looking through my Twitter feed, reading news letters, browsing through interesting ads delivered to my inbox, and etc. I really want to be making things! I want to be writing code, becoming a better writer, teaching others how to learn Ruby, writing Rails applications, writing node.js applications, and etc. I am consuming more than I am making. Because of my behavior, I am afraid I am at risk for joining the waiting crowd from Dr. Suess’s “Oh, the places You’ll Go!”. Terrifying.