A Making Diet

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I am going on a making diet. I started using twitter and blogs heavily about three years ago. In that time, I have learned an incredible amount by watching, listening, and reading. I have benefited greatly from all of the people I have met and the materials people have created. However, I find myself with too little time to get things done and still spending a lot of time looking through my Twitter feed, reading news letters, browsing through interesting ads delivered to my inbox, and etc. I really want to be making things! I want to be writing code, becoming a better writer, teaching others how to learn Ruby, writing Rails applications, writing node.js applications, and etc. I am consuming more than I am making. Because of my behavior, I am afraid I am at risk for joining the waiting crowd from Dr. Suess’s “Oh, the places You’ll Go!”. Terrifying.

Self Inflicted Information Overload

Last week I started an information diet by turning off most notifications and unsubscribing from several newsletters I enjoy. I still receive important notifications from media channels at my phone so that I don’t miss people talking with me. There are somethings that I find important that I will miss by not being active in media, so I am going to setup some scripts that will notify me of those events. I realize that I would really miss connecting with people on Twitter, so I have blocked off twenty-five minutes once a week to log into Twitter to see what folks are up to and chat.

Getting on Task

I have set some goals for myself and have started tracking my progress towards them. This way I can 1) see that, yes I am making progress and 2) keep myself honest with data. I primarily use text files and e-mail integrated tools. I may post later about the tools themselves and how I use them.


I know that I am going to miss things that I would enjoy doing with folks and meaningful conversations by reducing consumption; however, the gains in making stuff is going to be awesome. If you would like to get in touch with me, you can reach me at jason [at] jasonwieringa dot com. I am addicted to e-mail. :)

Things I will be or am interested in making:

In a few months, I hope that I 1) have more skills to bring to the table 2) created more meaningful relationships in person 3) helped people learn something.