Design Literacy

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EDIT: I’ve since updated the design of this site.

I think there is something that we can all agree on - the design (or lack thereof) of this site sucks. Why release a site that sucks? Well, embarrassment seems to be a significant motivator for me. The fact is, this site has sat unpublished for several months, just sucking. Now that the world sees it, I am finding time to make small adjustments here and there.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and attending a presentation by @kadavy. It was fascinating! He recently wrote Design for Hackers: reverse-engineering beauty, which I highly recommend. I think he makes a great argument for design literacy. With the ability for so many of us to self-publish, it is now our responsibility to be design literate.

Design is something that I have thought I was terrible at and didn’t have the talent to be successful. Perhaps, as you can see, part of that is true. What is fascinating about design, is that a good design can be accomplished through practice and processes. I’ll let Kadavy do the talking about what these things are, but let’s consider an example.

There is one thing I like about this site so far - the font and the spacing between lines in a paragraph. It really gets to what is so fascinating about Kadavy’s presentation. By simply paying attention to the type of font and the spacing between the lines, the design of the site was improved. Simple and actionable.

So here begins my journey towards design literacy.

Update: At the time of writing this post, this is what the site looked like.