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I feel like so much of what I have been doing has been half-assed. The results of my projects at times lead me to this conclusion simply because they are not what I know they could be or remained unfinished. Yet, I don’t do things half ass.

Learn to say ‘No’. It may be to yourself, work, or community - whoever and whatever it is - don’t spread yourself too thin. There are many good things that are worthy of pursuit. By pursing many at once we remove the opportunity to realize their and our full potential.

Live focus. Working at Higher One has taught me a lot about focus. When I listen to the founders and executive management, I hear them attributing their setting of goals and focusing on them as part of Higher One’s success. The goals that are set each year become part of the culture and each and every employee is encouraged to understand how they are contributing to them. Their goals are few, attainable, and well defined.

I haven’t done this well in my personal life. I jump from one desire and dream to the next - I want to do it all. Do I do things poorly? Perhaps, or may be I have been bad at focusing.

Pick a goal, or a few goals - then make it happen. Until it is time to set new goals, be very careful what you say yes too. If you learn of something you want to do, write it down and save it for later.

Unfortunately, there are more good things in this world than we will have time for; however, what is left undone will never keep us from truly enjoying what we have chosen.