Long Term Goals

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I have been thinking about long term goals and what I want to be really good at. Here is a first attempt at describing them.

  1. Culture and Team Building
  2. Product and Customer Development

Culture/Team Building

It is amazing what people can accomplish. It is even more amazing what people together can accomplish together. Finding and putting the right people together in the right place is fascinating. I have read that it is really hard, I wonder what can be done to make this easier for us to do?

Product/Customer Development

This category is too broad for me in its current stage, however, I am struggling with narrowing it down. I am very passionate about incredible customer experiences and have spent the last three year servicing SaaS products. These experiences leave me wanting to craft customer experiences from the ground up.

Things I am doing to explore these goals:

1) Learning to program

Hey, building things is a lot of fun. If one is to be working with SaaS, it can’t hurt knowing how to make it yourself, right?

2) Communication

It seems to me that in order to build teams, having the ability to communicate and evaluate people well is a good skill to have. In addition, can we ever be too good at communication? Perhaps a little unconventional, however, Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking by Christopher Hadnagy is my guide right now.