Zero Waste Living

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Jeri forwarded a link to this article earlier today. I have always been intrigued by this lifestyle and over the last several years have been attempting to create habits that move towards zero waste.

Having Less Stuff

I have been cutting back on stuff. I have less stuff than I did 3 years ago; however, there is a lot of room for improvement. Moving every few years provides a good education on just how much stuff we have. Yet, I still have clothes I haven’t worn in years.

Gifting experiences

I love this practice. For past gift giving seasons, we have been moving in this direction. For example, giving foods from local farms in CT. Still providing gift cards for headphones, and etc. This year we could do away with purchasing the physical cards. Still room for improvement.

Take Home Points

Lots of room for improvement. I am going to think about how to avoid plastic bags when purchasing bulk items, plastic wrapped items, food packaging, and a regular way to compost. No garbage waste? Little recyclables? A set number of clothes?

Time to go find waste to reduce.