Encrypting Folders in Linux

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In the past, I have “hidden” files that contain passwords in strange ways such as placing them in text files named “Personal Journal” or “Recipe List”. I ask myself, really? And how do you think that would help you if anyone ever did gain access to your file system? Today, I fixed my naive approach to securing data.

Resources for Learning Ruby

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About two years ago I was introduced to the world of programming and Ruby. At the time I was helping friends at a startup with customer support for a product that they were building. Out of curiosity I started reading up on what they were doing. I was fascinated. I don’t have a formal education in technology. Most of everything I know today has come from community and (mostly free) online resources.

Interview of Jessica Mah by Steve Blank

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Today I listened to an interview by Steve Blank of Jessica Mah about Jessica’s and inDinero’s story. I enjoyed this interview because of its emphasis on learning and moving forward. Jessica was really honest and humble about her experiences.

Some take home points for myself:

The interview is about fifty minutes long. If you have the time I recommend checking it out.

Thank you Jessica Mah and Steve Blank for the interview and Standford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner for sharing and hosting the talk.


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I feel like so much of what I have been doing has been half-assed. The results of my projects at times lead me to this conclusion simply because they are not what I know they could be or remained unfinished. Yet, I don’t do things half ass.

Long Term Goals

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I have been thinking about long term goals and what I want to be really good at. Here is a first attempt at describing them.