Switching to Github and Jekyll

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I have been on Tumblr for the last year. Tumblr is awesome, however, I want to be able to write my documents in a format that is transferable from one platform to the other. In addition, getting myself to spend more time in Vim learning the key bindings is important to me - Writing is a great way to play with Vim.

I Came for a Woman and I Am Leaving for a Woman

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First, lets get the important stuff out of the way - its the same woman and I am moving to Virginia.

My wife has accepted a position in a doctoral program at George Mason University. Four months from now, I’ll be living about twenty minutes from the National Mall - that isn’t too shabby (neither is the rent).

Living in New Haven has been a blast. Met a lot of cool people that I intend to keep in touch with. Learned a ton. Worked for a great company. Enjoyed great parks.

Let’s get together over the next couple of months. Looking forward to the summer!

I’m a Coffee Snob - Roasting Coffee at Home

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I love coffee. The smell and taste of a good brew is incredibly refreshing. As a by product, I am hopelessly addicted to caffeine; however, I like to point out that caffeine addictions are socially acceptable.

I was introduced to home roasting by a friend in Grand Rapids, MI. The first cup I had left me speechless. Yes, I do like coffee that much. The taste of the coffee contained all of the aromas I was used to just smelling. I had to find out how he made it. Turns out, he roasted his own coffee. If you enjoy coffee, roasting your own coffee is something you will want to look into. The taste is incredible and the savings are huge.

After bringing coffee to my parents over the holidays, they asked about roasting coffee themselves. There are many things that can be done to make a good cup of coffee; however, there are a few practices that will get you a lot bang for your buck. Here are my recommendations.

Lessons From Constant Contact

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I really enjoyed listening to this interview and love Goodman’s customer centric business model. I am impressed with how every person in the company spends six hours every six months on a phone with customers.

When I think about some of the companies I admire, they require their employees to spend time with customers. For example, consider Kayak’s Red Phone that rings into their engineering department. Many companies find different ways to accomplish keeping in touch with their customers that fit their culture and business needs.

Learning to Program

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Over the last year, I have been “learning” to program. This has amounted to three weeks of study followed by a month of nothing, followed by three weeks of study, followed by.. I think you get the point. It is probably obvious that this is a really bad way to learn anything. The time has come to focus.