Installing Vim With the Ruby Interpreter and Command-T on Ubuntu

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I have been working on becoming more proficient in Vim. One of the processes that I have noticed that can take up a lot of time is switching between files. The two examples I have seen are NERD-Tree and Command-T. NERD-Tree looks great, however, I am primarily interested in opening files as quickly as possible. With this criteria, Command-T seems to be the best solution. There are other reasons I am interested in setting up NERD-Tree, but that is for another day.

Design Literacy

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EDIT: I’ve since updated the design of this site.

I think there is something that we can all agree on - the design (or lack thereof) of this site sucks. Why release a site that sucks? Well, embarrassment seems to be a significant motivator for me. The fact is, this site has sat unpublished for several months, just sucking. Now that the world sees it, I am finding time to make small adjustments here and there.

Zero Waste Living

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Jeri forwarded a link to this article earlier today. I have always been intrigued by this lifestyle and over the last several years have been attempting to create habits that move towards zero waste.