Scrappy Academy

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Last fall, David Bock hosted a Rails for Newbies group which excelled my learning. Inspired by the pace of learning with others, mentorship, and Hungry Academy - Scrappy Academy was born (thanks @tourdedave for the name!). It is a community of people learning Ruby and Rails.


  1. Self study group that follows hungry academy course
  2. Pick one open source project to contribute to
  3. Invite Ruby community members to weekly meetings as mentors


Full draft here.

Where are we now?

After meeting for four weeks, I am happy to report that each week we have increased then amount of code produced, increased the number in attendance, and Rubyists have offered mentorship.

That’s cool, where can I learn more?

Please check out – currently under construction. We will be posting what we have accomplished and a potential to-do list.

At this point we are no longer accepting Scrappies; however, if your learning let me know and hopefully we’ll be able to collaborate online. Perhaps you’d like to come join us for a weekend hackathon.